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Whether you have started hearing a suspicious gurgling noise in your toilet or your water heater has completely shut down, plumbing issues are something to take seriously. Interruptions of service can be inconvenient and unsanitary, and the water damage that often accompanies these problems can be extensive and costly to fix. This is why it is so important to bring in a skilled Encino plumber at the first sign of trouble. At Kerrygold Plumbing, Inc., our team has been serving customers throughout the San Fernando Valley, West Los Angeles, and the LA Metro areas since 1980!

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Services We Offer

Our technicians bring extensive experience to the field – indeed, many of them have been with us since we opened our doors – and we are confident in our ability to offer highly qualified service no matter what you need. Over the years, we have stayed up-to-date on all the latest techniques and technology, which is why we are able to offer things like video camera inspections, pressure regulators, earthquake shut-off valves, and more.

Our comprehensive plumbing services include:

Do You Need Plumbing Services?

There are several indications that it might be a good idea to bring in experts to look at your plumbing, such as:

  • Your toilet is running continuously: If the chain is hooked up and the seal of the flapper is not obstructed, having a professional take a look at it is wise. The other possibilities are likely not as friendly to the average DIYer.

  • Inconsistent water temperature: If there is cold water interrupting your hot shower, something could be wrong with your water heater.

  • Dripping faucet: This small annoyance could be costing you real money, and may be a sign that there are larger issues to address.

A Team You Can Trust

For nearly four decades, we have provided customers with thorough, effective solutions to all of their plumbing problems. We strive to fully explain whatever the situation may be, and offer options based on the individual’s needs and budget. Our Encino plumbing team takes pride in providing honest, upfront pricing so that there is never any doubt or uncertainty about what the job will cost. Additionally, we offer financing options to help our customers get the care they need on a timeline that works for them.

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