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Water Line Installation & Repair

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Water Line Services in Canoga Park

Providing Clean Running Water in Los Angeles Since 1980

Water is an essential part of our everyday lives and we understand that a minor plumbing problem can cause a major disruption to your water supply. As seasoned Canoga Park plumbers, our goal is to make sure that every part of your plumbing system works in order for you to have a consistent supply of fresh, clean water. Since 1980, Kerrygold Plumbing, Inc. has provided water line repair and installation services to several homes and businesses in greater Los Angeles.

Water Line Repair & Installation

Your water line is usually located underneath your house meeting the municipal sewer system in the middle of your street. Being hidden from plain view, your water line problem can go on for several days without you noticing.

Here are some tell-tale signs that your water line needs repair or replacement:

  • Unusual damp spots on your lawn
  • Foul odors
  • Water discoloration
  • Low water pressure
  • Sudden increase in water bill

At the first sign of a problem, turn to our Canoga Park plumbers to quickly detect the problem and determine if repair or replacement is the right solution for your water line problem.

Rerouting Water Lines

Rerouting water lines requires cutting into the pipes and repositioning or capping them off in a new area. The common material used for rerouting pipes is PEX piping because it’s flexible and durable. Reroutes are the go-to solution for slab leaks so that it doesn’t damage your home.

Our experienced plumbers can initially reroute your water line to another set of pipes to minimize the damage while we discuss lasting solutions. You can rest assured that we are find the best solution for your water line to ensure that your home or commercial property does not run out of fresh, clean water supply.

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