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Reap the Benefits by Switching to a Gas Line

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Gas Plumbing in Canoga Park

Benefits of Installing a Gas Line in Los Angeles

In the 35 years that we have been in the plumbing business, we can attest to the efficiency of a natural gas line. Most of our customers who made the switch from electrical to natural gas have been raving about its many benefits.

Natural gas provides the following benefits compared to electricity:

  • Natural gas is better for the environment as it emits less carbon than fuel from electricity
  • Natural gas heats up your gas appliances instantly, making it more efficient than electric appliances that need a few minutes to actually warm up
  • Natural gas significantly lowers your energy bills because of its efficiency
  • Natural gas is reliable, even when there's a power outage

Are you considering a natural gas line for your home or business?
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We Can Handle Gas Line Installation

When you decide to make the switch to natural gas, turn to our skilled plumbers in Canoga Park. We can determine if your home or business already has an existing gas line. If your home or business does not have an available gas line, we can discuss installing one for you. You will be enjoying the many benefits of natural gas in no time.

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Installing a gas line can be challenging and hazardous to the unskilled individual. That is why we recommend that you let a professional gas plumber handle your natural gas installation. Our Canoga Park plumbers have been installing countless gas lines in the Greater Los Angeles area since 1980. We are up to date with the latest tools and technology in gas plumbing, which includes an earthquake shut off valve to all our gas lines. Kerrygold Plumbing, Inc. follows the California industry standards and building codes to protect you and your family. When you contact our skilled Canoga Park plumbers, you can rest assured you'll receive quality, affordable services.

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