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Canoga Park Septic Pump Services

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Septic pumps carry waste out of your home and helps your plumbing work smoothly. It’s essential to a healthy home. However, septic tanks are often overlooked and ignored until they start acting up. Septic tanks should be inspected and serviced every 3 to 5 years. At Kerrygold Plumbing , our licensed plumbers offer quality septic pump services in Canoga Park. We handle everything from routine septic pumping to full tank replacements. We work quickly and efficiently so that you can move on with your life.

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Signs of a Full Septic Tank

Let’s face it, septic pump maintenance is not an enjoyable task. We understand that it can be easy to put it off, but this could end up hurting you in the end. Before you have to deal with major issues with your septic pump, look out for signals that the tank is full.

Signs of a full septic tank include:

  • Backed-up toilet – Are you having trouble with flushing your toilet? Does the water continuously back-up? This might mean your tank is full, preventing the septic pump to work effectively.
  • Pooling water – Do you see pools of water around your septic system’s drain? If so, it might mean that the tank is full, causing the water and waste to surface to the top. When the tank becomes too full, the waste can clog the piping and cause the unit to overflow.
  • Foul odors – If you’ve been haunted by a strong sewage smell, it could mean that your septic pump isn’t working the way it should, causing the black water to either leak or get pushed into other drains. Not only is this unpleasant for your nose, it can also endanger your health.
  • Lush yards – Is there a certain patch of your lawn that is unusually lush and vibrant? Before you get too excited, this might be a sign that your sewer line is leaking.

When it comes to your septic system, don’t wait. For quality septic services including septic pumping and septic pump repairs, reach out to our skilled Canoga Park plumbers. We have almost four decades of experience and are available for any plumbing emergency.

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